Educational DVDs/Software

M.E./D.E. 2015 Page 47

On Your Own Coast-to-Coast 2015

M.E./D.E/ 2015 Page 48

Dollars & Sense Series, Can I Make It On My Own

M.E./D.E. 2015 Page 49

Smart Money Series, You Decide Series, Personal Decisions

M.E./D.E. 2015 Page 50

Job Search Techniques

M.E./D.E/ 2015 Page 51

Career Activities, Career Decisions, Grooming, Dressing & Body Language

M.E./D.E. 2015 Page 52

On the Job Coast-to-Coast 2014, Who Would You Fire, Trivia Challenge

M.E./D.E. 2015 Page 53

Job Application & Interview Skills,
Job Search Myths, Resume & Cover Letters

M.E./D.E/ 2015 Page 54

Kids & Bullying, Making Every Skill Count, First Impressions, Basic Job Skills, Doing the Job, Problem Solving

M.E./D.E. 2015 Page 55

Social Sensibilities at School, Sexting Crisis

M.E./D.E. 2015 Page 56

Automate Your Business Plan 2015

M.E./D.E/ 2015 Page 57

Anatomy of a Business Plan,
Small Business Start-up,
What Customers Want,
Words, Camera, Action DVD


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